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Image by Felix Mooneeram

Harmony Barbour


Harmony has, since the age of 16, been performing professionally as a signer, dancer, and actress in a variety of venues: themes parks, Las Vegas, cruise ships, and Broadway. She is also a graduate of Liberty University with a BA in Psychology. She has directed the Middle School and High School drama programs where the students have performed highly acclaimed and popular musicals at a professional level for the past 11 years but recently took some time off of teaching in order to focus on the studio. She is passionate about inspiring and drawing out the gifts and talents of children who want to be onstage. Being able to incorporate Jesus into the theater world and inspire young people to follow their dreams, but still hold to their morals, is her biggest and proudest achievement and accomplishment.

Melissa Davis

Creative Director / Co-Producer



Sarah Aileen

Assistant Director / Co-Producer

Sarah has had a love of musical theater since she was a child, introduced by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. She grew up dancing at the age of 3 and moved on to acting later in life. She graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with a science degree in 2022, following a passion for the theatrical arts. Not long after she joined Harmony Studios Theater as her Assistant Director and Co-Producer. Sarah cannot be happier than going from being a student of Harmony's for 10 years to the position she has now. She cannot be prouder of the kids and their talents.

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