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Rehearsal information

Tuesday, October 3rd

Time: 5:00 - 6:50 pm

Cast Needed: Jonathan Andujar, Carson Lamb, Karsen Dittamo, Lilian Rokosz, Partick House, Madison Bell, Savannah Bell, AJ Owen, Mollie Owen, Jaidan Chuquillangui, Jaden Williams, Roslyn Mayers, Madelynn Barbour, Temperance Barbour, Olivia Davis, Ellie Salinas, Brooklyn Allen, Ian Doyle, Carmelo Ruffin, & Miguel Smith

Thursday, October 5th

Time: 5:00 - 6:50 pm

Cast Needed: Talisa Jones, Takiyah Jones, Jim Ramsey, Carson Lamb, Karsen Dittamo, Lilian Rokosz, Jonathan Andujar, Blaise Nelson, Madison Bell, Patrick House, Finn Griffis, Miguel Smith, Carmelo Ruffin, Roslyn Mayers, Jaden Williams, Zoey Whitener, Alexis Breitmaier, Ryan Steele, Aubrey Steele, Annabelle Steele, Savannah Bell, Layana Bryson, & Jack Davis

Please remember to bring

1. three-ring notebook

2. pencil only

3. snack & water!!

Harmony Studios Contract

Please look it over, fill it out, and turn it in the first day of rehearsals.

Harmony Studios Scholarship Form

Cast List (1).png

Rough Look At Elf Jr. Scheduling

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